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Walking in the Wild - The Birds
It's hard to take a walk in the wild without being accompanied by a bird or two. Learn more about them in this series of fact pages. Simply click on the thumbnails.
The Red-winged Blackbird
The Bushtit
The Canada Jay
The Red-breasted Nuthatch
The American Dipper
The White-crowned Sparrow
The Great Blue Heron
The Northern Flicker
The Steller's Jay
The Roadrunner
The Trumpeter Swan
The Marsh Wren
The Killdeer
The Pileated Woodpecker
The Anna's Hummingbird
The American Robin
The Downy Woodpecker
The Clark's Nutcracker
The American Wigeon
The Red Crossbill
The Cattle Egret
The Grouse
Bald Eagle
The Brant
The Night Heron
The Black Oystercatcher
The Black Turnstone
The Turkey Vulture
The Mute Swan
The Purple Finch
The Northern Pintail
The Red-breasted Merganser
The Ring-necked Duck
The Dunlin
The American Coot
The White-fronted Goose
The Common Goldeneye
The Canada Goose
The Lesser Scaup
The Orange-crowned Warbler
The Mallard
The Varied Thrush
The Cooper's Hawk
The Fox Sparrow
The Golden-crowned Kinglet
The Golden-crowned Sparrow
The Barred Owl
The Brown-headed Cowbird
The Great-tailed Grackle
The Cactus Wren
The Evening Grosbeak
The Hooded Merganser
The Northern Shoveler
Dereila Nature Inn Home > Bird's Nest Lounge > Walking in the Wild - The Birds


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