Dereila Nature Inn - Notes from our Inbox
Thanks to everyone for all of your feedback and comments. Here's some of the mail from our inbox:
I really enjoy the newsletter. When it comes in I stop what I am doing and read it start to finish. Great job!
  Dave H, Surrey, BC
We just wanted to mention that you and the staff at Nature Inn did another fine job on their annual Earth Day poster.  The wide variety of topics shown added to the interest.

Keep up the good work and contact us again next Spring for more photo submissions.
  Frank and Sandra H
You not only have some fabulous pictures, you have fabulous feeding ideas as well. Thank you for sharing these with all of us. I just love strolling through your nature preserve and marvel at all the wonderful things there to see and enjoy.
  Charlotte, Connecticut
Your website and Facebook pages are wonderful.  I was sad to discover that the inn is only a place I can visit on-line.
  Brian A, Courtenay, BC
I have been searching for ages for decent images of North American wildflowers to use in my artworks, and would be very grateful to you if you would please consider giving me permission to use the wildflower images that are on your site? 
  Lynne H, Australia
We had a talk at the Rhododendron society about native bees the other night. It was a perfect opportunity for me to promote your web site when people started asking the fellow to identify bees and wasps. So I was able to give them the
web site and mention the newsletter.

PS I love your site map which helps me to find stuff.
  - Agnes, Victoria, BC
I've  taken a trip on your website, and I can assure you that I will recommend your pictures to all my photo editor friends in various Italian magazines. I've been working as a nature journalist since 1985, and I think I can gauge nature pictures. Some of yours are stunning indeed.
  - Marco F. Milan
just back from a walk and searching name of a red fungus... search brought me to your site... what a gold mine...cannot wait to share pictures and explore capabilities with grand daughters... Thank you
  - Paula H

I have just discovered the jigsaw puzzles on your website and the fact that the shapes can be changed!  I love doing the "bird" shapes.  I have looked over the pictures before but never took the time to do the puzzles.  Learn something new every day!!!!  Your website is very interesting and knowledgeable. 

  - Joyce, Victoria BC
Just one word……..WOW!!!!
  - Charlie A, Orono, ME
Wonderful site! All the facts and photos on the Inn page make an easy home school reading lesson. Will be sure to let others know.
  - Eliza, Bristol, Indiana
I just want to let you know what a wonderful site you've created. Your site is really fantastic, and your wildflower sections are outstanding.
  - Ray A., Vermont
Thank you so much, Ray. We're glad to see the site is appreciated.
I just love your feature of ten birds to identify!  I have been showing it to everyone who comes into the office!
  - Jane S, Assistant Coordinator Young Naturalists' Club of British Columbia

Glad you are enjoying that feature - we hope to add more fun stuff like that in the near future. We have so many idea and projects on the go - it's hard to keep up. Thanks for your support and enthusiasm, Jane.

I spent almost 2 hours looking at this site it is a truly great site, the photos are great, and many great facts, well done well done.
  - Kiarash H., Toronto
Thank you, Kiarash. We really enjoy working on the site and are glad to know that it's appreciated
I have had a brief look at your site -- will look at it more later -- and what I saw is wonderful!  I love your bird photographs and the way they are presented.  I will certainly add one or likely more links to this site from our website, and recommend the site to our leaders throughout B.C.
  - Jane S., British Columbia
Thank you for spreading the word about for us.
I just found your site... and just love the content. I felt like I was strolling through a nature sanctuary.
  - Wayne W
Please feel free to stroll and enjoy!
I clicked on your site to spend a few minutes looking around, but it seems every time I get to it I can not get out. I get so wrapped up in your bird photos I loose track of time. You have an outstanding site with fabulous images, it is a must for everyone here to see. Great job.  
  - Len in Pennsylvania
So glad to see you got stuck at the Inn! Thanks for your support.
We came across your website this summer while searching for identifications of some Wyoming wildflowers; it was indeed a blessing in so many ways. I am a 4th grade teacher here in Spencer, West Virginia and we use the images taken and collected over the years for classroom instruction and sharing with our friends in education. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK,
  - Margaret
We so glad you found us and that you found the Inn helpful.
What a great web site, and what potential!  I will be checking back often, and bookmarked it.
  - Claudia, NY
Please, check back often and thanks for your inspiring e-mail. It's truly appreciated.

Your state bird page (your whole site, actually) looks terrific! Certainly an "Inn" I will continue to enjoy visiting.  I can't tell you how thrilled I am you used some of my photos and even gave me photo credit for them!  We all so love to see our name in print! Thank you so much for including me in the development of this page!

  - Sheri Bruington Havre, MT.
Thank you so much, Sheri, for your letter and also for your amazing photos and help in developing our page. You can see Sheri's great photos on our Provincial and State Birds page.
I must say, after spending the last hour and a half going through your website, it is one of the best sites I've ever seen. The nature photography is great.
Thank you very much.
  - J.L., Tampa Bay, Florida
You're welcome! We're really glad you enjoy our site. Thanks for the encouragement, and please let your friends know about us.
I spent some time looking around and as usual your photos are stunning. I want to go back and explore some more.
  - Norma, B.C.
Please, explore and enjoy!

I really like it.  Looks like a lot of work went in to it.  I'm working on a Website on Smugmugt it's mainly sharing pictures.  I could buy all my books from you and not have to go any other place.  I love the variety the Nature Inn offers.  The pictures are great.  All around Professional job.  Good Birding & May the Lord bless & keep you. 

  - Steve, Lawrenceville, Georgia.
We appreciate your very kind comments and wishes. Thank you.

Hi! I enjoyed exploring your website - you have put a lot of time into the site and it shows. The photographs are, as usual, excellent!

  - C. C.  Royal British Columbia Museum, Victoria, Canada
Thanks for your kind words.
That's a beautiful site you have set up. As ever the photos are first rate and bringing them together in such an illustrative way is a touch of brilliance.   Well done,   I will certainly pass it around.   
  - Ron, England
Glad you enjoyed the site, Ron. Thanks for the compliments.
It's marvelous!  How imaginative to set it up as if one can actually "stay" there.  And eat.  Really it is fantastic and so informative too.  I'm going to put it in my favorites so I can visit any time. Congratulations on a super website.
  - Betty, Calgary, Canada
Thanks, Betty. We'll be adding more and more content as time goes by.
Nice site.   I do some web management myself, so I know how much work it can take to build and maintain these sites.
It has been a lot of work, but we're really pleased with the results and positive comments..
I have bookmarked your site, I have spent sometime visiting the gallery. I must say, your site is great, and the photos are magnificent. I will do more surfing when I have time. 
  - Len, Pennsylvania
Thanks for the positive feedback, Len.
Just clicked on your link at  the birding forum - very nice lay out on your site easy to get around. You have a lot of real nice shots. Keep up with the good work.
  - Randy
Glad you found the Inn and you're enjoying the photos.
We'd love to hear from you. Send us an e-mail!

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