The Dereila Nature Inn - A Cyber Nature centre for Nature Lovers
Birds love the food at the All Natural Restaurant
This section of the Inn is to help you create an effective bird feeding station which will attract a host of delightful visitors.

You'll find some recipes, photo stories, tips and ideas as well as
all kinds of creative projects to make bird feeders and nesting boxes.

Here are the main portals for you to start your exploration!
Tales from the Deck
One of the great pleasures of birding is watching the comings and goings of our feathered visitors.
On this page we have put together a few photo stories and galleries that we hope you'll enjoy.
Tips and Tricks for the Backyard Birder: Photo Tips
In this section we have some photo tips to help you get some terrific, natural-looking photos of your hungry visitors.
Recipes and Food
Swing by and find out what various birds like to eat and check out some fantastic recipes.
Tips and Tricks for the Backyard Birder: Feeders
Add variety to your bird feeding station! In this section you'll find lots of
great project ideas and suggestions for making all sorts of bird feeders.
Nest Boxes
Grab your nails and wood and get hammering!
In this section we have a variety of interesting nest boxes to build.
Great Ideas for Your Feeding Station
Be creative!
We have lots of great ideas for you to try out on your bird feeding station.

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