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Tales from the Deck
One of the great pleasures of birding is watching the comings and goings of our feathered visitors.
On this page we have put together a few photo stories and galleries that we hope you'll enjoy.
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Just outside the window is the bird feeding station
which provides so many wonderful moments.
Love love water! They drink it and bathe in it and often have a delightful splash around!
Birds and Their Berries
The Steller's Jay and its Peanuts
When food was scare in the winter, lots of different birds dropped by to enjoy some tasty berries that we'd harvested in the fall and kept in the freezer.
In this tale, a Steller's Jay drops by everyday and calls out for a treat.
Water Tales - Birds and Water
Breakfast for the Birds
The importance of fresh, clean water at a bird feeding station is illustrated by this collection of photographs and captions.
The food's all ready and now it's time for the guests to arrive for breakfast!
Dereila Nature Inn Home > All Natural Restaurant > Tales from the Deck

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