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The Naturalist's Nook is where we explore some of the great places in the natural world as well as celebrate nature in all of its glory and have some fun with photography.

Picture of the Week _ Picture of the Week

Drop by each week for a new photograph or check out the archives.
Swing by the Travel Office and take a virtual tour to some of our favourite places in the natural world!
Photo Tips
Here's our collection of tips and tricks you may want to use in your photographic adventures.
After zooming in and cropping, can you identify what these fascinating patterns,
designs and textures found in nature are? Is it a plant, a bird, a mushroom, a furry critter or a rock?
We hope you enjoy some of these pages which include photo essays or articles as
well as interactive jigsaw puzzles feature images from the this section of the Inn.
Over the years, we have had some terrific photographic celebrations of nature. Check out these delightful extravaganzas!

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