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Come into the Woodlands and Beyond!

The Woodlands Pathway is a virtual trail that'll take you through the woods, up into the forests and on to the hiking trails into the mountains which lie just over there. Along the way you'll encounter insects, spiders, mammals, reptiles and such diverse life as fungi, mosses and lichens.

This page is your starting point. We hope you enjoy your wanderings.

Come along into the woods and discover an amazing diversity of plant life including trees, grasses, ferns, shrubs and other flora.
Come along and encounter furry creatures big and small! We hope you'll make some friends.
Don't let bugs bug you! You'll be amazed at what the world of bugs entails.
Find out more about insects and spiders as welll as beautiful butterflies and dazzling dragonflies.
This is a direct link to our pages featuring these stunning insects.
Follow this quick link to our selection of pages on this fascinating group of organisms.
Here there be lizards and snakes, frogs and toads. Crawl on in!

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