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Enjoy your encounters with creatures big and small.
Spend a while here and meet some marvellous mammals! You'll find information and photographs about all sorts creatures from the small ones to the mighty giants of the forest.
Guides and Fact Pages
At-A-Glance Guide to Mammals __ State and Provincial __ Mammals Trivia 1
At-A-Glance Guide to Mammals
Our photographs of furry critters, big and small, are organized into this handy guide.
State and Provincial Mammals
A visual guide to some of the wild animals chosen by various U.S. states and Canadian provinces
Mammals Trivia 1
Check out these fascinating facts about mammals and then dazzle your friends with your know-how!
Mammal Trivia 2 - Seals and Sea Lions
Mammal Trivia 2 - Seals and Sea Lions
Next time someone brings up the topic of seals, you can impress folk with your wisdom!
Walking in the Wild Come along and meet some of the furry creatures of the wild in this series of fact files.
The Mountain Goat
The American Bison
The Chipmunk
The Columbian Ground Squirrel
The American Pika
The Common Porcupine
The Yellow-bellied Marmot
The Elk
The Pronghorn
The Bighorn Sheep
The Rock Squirrel
The Mule Deer
The Red Squirrel
The California Ground Squirrel
The Caribou
The Muskox
Word Searches, Mysteries, Jigsaws, Crosswords, Stories and Other Fun Stuff
Long-tailed Weasel __ __
Word Search 1 - Mammals of North America
Grab your pencil and sharpen your eyes, then print off this word search. Guaranteed to exercise your brain!
Word Search 2 - Mammals of the World
Spin around the world searching for the names of over 20 mammals from everywhere.
Word Search 3 - Horns and Antlers and Things
The words in this puzzle are all things that mammals have or can do.
  Favourite Mammals Crossword   Mammals Crossword 2
Mystery Mammals
Photos of mammals have been zoomed and cropped. Can you identify the mammals and solve the mysteries?
Mammals Crossword #1
Try a crossword focusing on some of our favourite mammals of North America.
Mammals Crossword #2
Give this crossword a go. It uses pictures as clues. How many critters can you identify?
Wild Stories   Mammals Photo Gallery   Elk
Wild Stories
A series of stories and tales from the wild.
Mammals Photo Gallery
A collection of images featuring some of our furry friends.
Fantastic Jigsaw Puzzles
Challenge yourself with these jigsaw puzzles.
Caption This!
Caption This!
Suggest funny captions to go with these images of wildlife doing things that wildlife like to do.
Dereila Nature Inn > Woodlands Pathway > Mammals Wildzone

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