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Tales from the Deck: Breakfast for the Birds
Here is the breakfast tray for the birds!
The Breakfast Tray
There's a lovely selection of different food and various utensils all ready for our hungry guests. Outside there's also a big bag of sunflower seeds in addition to these goodies.
For a handy guide to which birds prefer which food, click here.
Peanuts __ Mountain Ash Berries
There are unsalted peanuts for the Steller's Jay and delicious red berries for the American Robin and Hermit's Thrush. These berries were harvested in the autumn when they were plentiful.
Suet and pellets __ Suet for small pellets
The suet pellet on the left are for the Pileated Woodpecker. They were made using the apple corer. You can read about that tip by clicking here. Smaller pellets are made in the right photo.
Chestnut-backed Chickadee
The chickadees love these smaller pellets of suet and even come right down to eat from the hand!
American Robin __ Berries attached to homemade feeder
An American Robin waits patiently while a bunch of berries are attached to a homemade feeder.
American Robin and berries __ American Robin and berries
The berries can be fastened to a variety of things like a trellis or a thin branch.
The robins quickly seek out the berries in any of these locations.
Hermit Thrush
Other birds like the Hermit Thrush love the berries. The robin often chases away any other birds, but this thrush managed to get a snack.
Steller's Jay
The Steller's Jay loves peanuts and in time gets quite used to searching for them in various places. They can make a lot of noise, but are also very patient.
Log on the deck railing __ Peanuts stashed in a hole in the log
The peanuts are hidden in various spots like this log which had a hole drilled in on one side before being attached to the deck railing. Stashing the peanuts in the hole on the one side allows you to get some good natural-looking photographs.
Steller's Jay looks for hidden peanuts
The Steller's Jay comes investigating the log, looking for the stashed peanuts. You can see how easy it is to get some decent photographs this way.
Steller's Jay and peanut
Success! The Steller's Jay quickly grabs a peanut and takes it away.
Pileated Woodpecker wondering whenwhe suet is going to be put out __ Pileated Woodpecker waiting for the suet
The Pileated Woodpecker quickly realizes who is putting out the suet mix and even comes close to the window to let you know she is here. When the suet is taken out, she flies to a nearby waiting spot and watches while the suet is stuffed into the feeding log.
Pileated Woodpecker on the log feeder
Then it's over to the log for breakfast!
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