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_____Trees with Needlelike Leaves - True Cedars
The Deodar Cedar, Cedrus deodara
Introduced to North America from the western Himalayan region of Asia, the Deodar Cedar
is cultivated for ornamental uses in parks and gardens in North America and Europe.
Branches of the Deodar Cedar
The Deodar Cedar grows over 160 ft/50 m tall and has lush, drooping foliage.
Pollen cones
Deodar Cedar needles
The male pollen cones (above left) grow in upright clusters.
The needles of the Deodar Cedar grow singly up to 2 in/ 5 cm long on long shoots.
Deodar Cedar needles
Deodar Cedar bark
The bark of the Deodar Cedar is dark gray and cracks in a vertical pattern as the tree ages.
Deodar Cedar cone
The cone is barrel-shaped and grows upright, about 4.74 in/12 cm long.
It becomes purple brown as it mature.
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