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_____Trees with Needlelike Leaves - Firs and Douglas-firs
The Douglas-fir, Pseudotsuga menziesii
The majestic Douglas-fir is the state tree of Oregon.
Branch of the Douglas-fir
The Douglas-fir is one of the largest trees in North America growing up to
80-200 ft/24-61 m with trunk diameters of up to 5 ft/1.5 m.
There are two varieties in western North America: Coastal (which are bigger) and Rocky Mountain.
Douglas-fir needles
Douglas-fir needles
The needles of the Douglas-fir are flat and .75-1.25 in/2-3 cm long and are flexible and grooved. They are not prickly to the touch, unlike spruce trees.
Douglas-fir young cones
Douglas-fir bark
The Douglas-fir is actually not classified as a true fir tree since its cones hang down, while those of true firs grow upward. The bark is dark brown, thick and rough. The tree is very well adapted to numerous habitats from the moist coast al regions to high elevations of over 11 000 ft/3 350 m
Mature Cones of the Douglas-fir
The Douglas-fir is also identified by the three-point bracet which sticks out from each cone scale. This spectacular tree of the west was named after Donald Douglas, a Scottish botanist.
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