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_____Trees with Needlelike Leaves - True Cedars
The Blue Atlas Cedar, Cedrus atlantica glauca
The Blue Atlas Cedar is a member of the True Cedar (Cedrus) genus of coniferous trees.
They are not closely related to the so-called cedars of North America.
Atlas Cedar
The Blue Atlas Cedar is a medium-sized, wide-spreading evergreen tree which grows to about 115 ft/35 m tall with drooping branches and a pyramid-like crown.
Needles of the Atlas Cedar
Needles of the Atlas Cedar
It is a native of North Africa and named for the Atlas Mountains of that region.
It has been introduced to North America and is cultivated for decoration.
Atlas Cedar needles
Atlas Cedar bark
The needles of the Blue Atlas Cedar are silvery-bluish or green and are short being only about .5-.75 in/1-2 cm long. The bark on mature trees tens to be split and cracked.
Cones of the Atlas cedar
The cones of the Blue Atlas Cedar are cylindrical in
shape and grow to 2-3 in/5-8 cm in length
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