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_____Trees with Needlelike Leaves - Tamaracks
The Tamarack, Larix Laricina
The Tamarack is a slender deciduous coniferous tree native to northern North America.
Tamarack cones and branches
The Tamarack is also called the Tamarack Larch. It grows up to 65 ft/20 m tall and likes bogs are marshy areas but can also be found in better drained areas. Although very tolerant of cold temperature, in the far north, near the timber line it can grow dwarfed.
Tamarack leaves
Tamarack cones
The cone is 1.25 in/2.5 cm long and rounded or slightly egg-shaped.
They turn brown as they mature, open in the fall and stay on the tree throughout the winter.
Tamarack leaves
Tamarack branch
The needle-shaped leaves are 3/4-1.5 in/2-4 cm long and grow in clusters of up to 20.
They are soft and pale green. In the autumn then turn yellow and fall off.
Tamarack cones
A similar species is the Subalpine or Lyall's Larch, Larix lyallii, which grows in the subalpine zone of the Rocky Mountains in BC, Alberta and Montana.
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