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_____Broadleaf Trees with Alternate, Simple Leaves
The Red Alder, Alnus rubra
A member of the Birch family of trees, the Red Alder is found in moist, low areas along
the Pacific Northwest coast of North America.
Red Alder
The Red Alder is a deciduous tree which grows up to 80 ft/25 m tall.
It has a round or slightly pointed crown.
Red Alder leaf
Red Alder underside of the leaf
The leaves are oval-shaped with coarse teeth and pointed tip. They grow 2-6 in/5-15 cm long, are dull dark-green in colour with a gray-green, hairy underside. The edges of the leave tend to roll under.
Red Alder male flowers
Red Alder bark
The flowers of the Red Alder are in the form of catkins. The male flowers (above left) are 4-6 in/10-15 cm long, while the females (below) are much smaller. Both appear in the spring before the leaves.
The trunk measures 1-2.5 ft/.3 -.75 m in diameter with thin bark that is smooth and gray with white patches.
Red Alder female flowers
The female catkin (above) will become dry and brown after being pollinated.
Both male and female catkins grow on the same tree.
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