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_____Broadleaf Trees with Alternate, Simple Leaves
The Arbutus (Pacific Mandrone), Arbutus menziesii
With its peeling brown bark, the Arbutus or Pacific Mandrone is one of the
most easily recognized trees of the North American Pacific Coast.
The Arbutus is a medium-sized (up to 80 ft/24 m) evergreen tree that thrives on well-drained, rocky slopes west of the Cascade Mountains.
Arbutus leaves
Arbutus leaves
The leaves of the Arbutus are 3-6 in/8-15 cm long with an oval shape and sharp point at the end. They are dark, shiny-green on top but with a whitish-green underside. They have a leathery feel to them.
Arbutus flower
Arbutus bark
In the early spring, tiny white flowers grow in 4 in/10 cm long clusters. However, the most noticeable characteristic of the Arbutus is its constantly peeling bark. As the bark peels off it reveals new, smooth bark that will eventually age and then peel off once again.
Fruit of the Arbutus
The fruit of the Arbutus is in the form of small, waxy berries which grow in clusters. They will eventually turn red-orange.
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