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The Pacific Dogwood, Cornus nuttallii
Also know as the Mountain or Western Flowering Dogwood, the Pacific Dogwood is a small deciduous tree found along the Pacific coast of North America from southwestern British Columbia to parts of California.
Pacific Dogwood flowers
In the spring and early summer, the Pacific Dogwood puts on a lovely display of colourful "flowers." It is the provincial flower of British Columbia.
The flowers are actually tiny, yellowish green and row in a tight, small cluster. They are surrounded by 4-7 petal-like white or pinkish bracts. The resulting structure resembles a showy flower 4-6 in/10-15 cm wide.
The leaves are simple and oval shaped, growing 3-6 in/7.5-15 cm long with 5 or 6 parallel veins on each side and a sharp point at the tip. The bark tends to be blotchy and grayish in colour. The tree grows up to 50 ft/15 m tall.
The fruit, shown here as immature, grows in dense clusters at the end of a stalk.
The fruit will gradually ripen, turning red or orange.
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