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The Oneseed Hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna
Sometimes called the Common Hawthorn, the Oneseed Hawthorn is a tree that
was introduced to North American from its native Europe and western Asia.
Oneseed Hawthorn
There are many species of Hawthorns in North America and they are often hard to distinguish. Hawthorns are members of the Rose family (Rosacae). The Oneseed Hawthorn grows to 33 ft/10 m high with a broad spreading crown.
Oneseed Hawthorn leaves
Oneseed Hawthorn leaves and berries
The leaves of the Oneseed Hawthorn are ovate (oval, or egg shaped) or obovate (tear-drop shaped) and grow up to 2 in/5 cm long. The sides of each leaf has one to three lobes.
Oneseed Hawthorn bark
Oneseed Hawthorn fruit
The bark of the Oneseed Hawthorn is usually thin and scaly or cracking. The fruits are what gives this species of Hawthorn its common name. They grow as oval, red berries, about .5 in/1.2 cm across and grow in clusters,
Oneseed Hawthorn leaves and fruit
Inside each berry there is a single seed.
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