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_____Broadleaf Trees with Alternate, Simple Leaves
The Garry Oak, Quercus garryana
Also called the Oregon White Oak, the Garry Oak is a deciduous tree found in a variety of
environments and woodlands in the Pacific Northwest area of North America.
Garry Oak
The beautiful Garry Oak has a short trunk which measures 1-3 ft/.3-1 m wide, and a broad, dense crown. It grows up to 80 ft/25 m tall but is usually shorter, depending on its exposure to coastal winds.
Garry Oak leaves
Garry Oak leaves
Of all trees the leaves of oak trees are often the most recognizable with their unique shape. Those of the Garry Oak are 3-6 in/8-15 cm long, getting wider at the tip. They have 5-9 rounded lobes and a leathery, waxy feel.
Garry Oak young fruit
Garry Oak bark
Sometimes formations called galls appear on the leaves of the Garry Oak (above left). These are usually caused by Gall Wasps which live in there and feed off the leaf.
The Garry Oak bark is light gray and is characterized by deep ridges.
Garry Oak acrons
The acorns of the Garry Oak are .75-1 in/2-3 cm long and grow in small, rough surfaced cups.
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