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The Pin Oak, Quercus palustris
The Pin Oak is a deciduous tree native to eastern North America
but has been introduced to other parts of the continent.
Pin Oak
The Pin Oak grows to a height of 50-90 ft/15-27 m and develops a broad, cone-shaped crown. It prefers moist areas and soils and low elevations.
Developing fruit of the Pin Oak
Pin Oak leaves
The leaves of the Pin Oak are shiny and dark green on the top with a lighter green underside. They are widest in the middle and grow 3-6 in/8-15 cm long with 5-7 extremely deep lobes. At the end of each lobe there is a sharp tooth.
Pin Oak leaves in autumn
Pin Oak bark
In autumn, the leaves change to a beautiful red.
The bark of the Pin Oak is dark gray and smooth when young but develops ridges and furrows as it ages.
Developing Pin Oak acorn
The acorns of the Pin Oak are only about .5 in/1.25 cm long. When fully developed the nut will be brown and round.
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