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The Bristlecone Pine, Pinus longaeva
The remarkable Bristlecone Pine is one of the longest living
organisms in the world. Some are over 5,000 years old!
Bristlecone Pine
The Bristlecone Pine grows in high elevations of over 5,000 ft/1,525 m in parts of Nevada, Utah and California. This slow-growing tree is well-adapted to survive in very severe and tough environments.
Bristlecone Pine needles
Bristlecone Pine needles and cones
The deep yellow-green needles are 5/8 to 1 1/4 in/1.6 - 3.2 cm long and grow in very dense bundles of 5. These bundles are arranged on the branches and resemble a bottle brush. This growth formation is the easiest way to help identify the tree.
Bristlecone Pine cones
Bristlecone Pine bark
The cones grow 3-4 in/7.6-10 cm long and are a reddish brown in colour. The trunk is often remarkably gnarled and twisted looking. In fact, sometimes the tree appears to be dead, and parts of it may be, but a close look often reveals new grow and life in another part of the tree.
Bristlecone Pine
The Bristlecone Pine often grows in the strangest spots such as cliff edges and rugged, rocky high alpine zones. It would appear that the harsh environments it prefers have helped it adapt to be a long-living survivor.
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