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The Ponderosa Pine, Pinus ponderosa

The Ponderosa Pine is Montana's state tree. It enjoys a large range
across the western US and into British Columbia.
Ponderosa Pine
This is one of the tallest pine trees growing up to
30-130 ft/ 10-40 m.
Ponderosa Pine folage
Ponderosa Pine cone
The Ponderosa Pine grows in a wide variety of habitats including dry zones and moist mountainous regions.
It can be found in valleys or on plateaus. There are four subspecies.
Ponderosa Pine needles
Ponderosa Pine bark
An important characteristic of the Ponderosa Pine is its long, sharp needles which are anywhere from 5-11 in/12.5-28 cm long. They grow in bundles of three and are yellow-green in colour. The bark is a rusty orange in colour (darker in young trees) and has an odor which is often described as butterscotch.
Ponderosa Pine needles and cones
The cones of the Ponderosa Pine grow 2.5-5 in/6.5-13 cm long and have a sharp point at the end of the scales
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