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A Walk In the Woods - A Touch of Grass - Page 2
Orchard Grass __ Orchard Grass
A world wide grass introduced to North America as a hay crop is Orchard Grass, Dactylis glomerata. and grows to four feet high. It is a good looking grass and strange how many gardeners plant horticultural grasses and would remove this one.
Nodding Semaphore __ Nodding Semaphore
One of the rarer grasses of the North-west area is the Nodding Semaphore Grass, Pleuropogon refractus, shown here in three images. It is native to California but is found outside of the state but is confined to the west.
Nodding Semaphore
Nodding Semaphore is one grass that cannot be mistaken for any other. It is not often found despite its wide range and it usually occurs in small colonies. It is a grass of seasonally wet and partially shaded sites. It is often found in ditches along the sides of roads.
Sheep's Fescue __ Sheep's Fescue
Sheep's Fescue is also called Rocky Mountain fescue, Festuca ovina. It is a tufted narrow leaved perennial and can be found on dry outcrops and rocky slopes at the edge of forest areas.
Drooping Wood Reed
Drooping Wood Reed, Cinna latifolia. is found in moist woods and meadows also along stream banks and on disturbed sites it increases tremendously.
Drooping Wood Reed
The species name, latifoli comes from the Latin latus, broad, and folium, leaf. because of the wide leaves of this handsome grass. It is a sweet scented perennial that grows from 2 to 5 feet high.
Bulbous Bluegrass
Bulbous Bluegrass
Bulbous Bluegrass, Poa bulbosa ssp vivipara, is an introduced perennial plant. Its habitat is disturbed sites at low elevations and in relatively dry conditions.
Western Panicgrass
Western Panicgrass
Western Panicgrass, Dichanthelium acuminatum var. fasciculatum. also with the common name of Tapered Rosette Grass. Its a tufted grass growing to two feet tall with long, lance shaped leaves. The flowers on this perennial plant are small and are on many thin branched stems.
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