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The Beach Pine, Pinus contorta ssp contorta
The Beach Pine, also called the Shore Pine, is a subspecies of the
Lodgepole Pine and is found on the west coast of North America.
Beach Pine needles
Because it grows in generally exposed, wind-buffeted areas, the Beach Pine is a relatively short tree, growing to only about 65 ft/20 m high. It is however, very hardy and adaptable.
Beach Pine male pollen cones
Beach Pine needles grow in pairs
The male pollen cones (above and below, left) grow in clusters in the spring. The needles are deep green and grow in pairs and are often curved and twisted, as shown in the below, right photograph.
They grow about 1-3 in/2.5-7cm long.
Beach Pine male pollen cones
Beach Pine mature ones
The seed cones (above right) grow down, are about 1-2 in/3-5 cm long, and have slightly curved scales with a prickle at tip.
Young Beach Pine cone
This is a young seed cone. You can also see how the needles are sometimes twisty and grow in pairs.
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