A Walk in the Woods - A Look at Lichens - Page 2
Nature’s unique blends of contrast and camouflage are demonstrated on in these fruits. The ones on the left look like peppermint candies while those on the right are small red disks.

Speaking of camouflage, here is a lichen that is actually called the Camouflage Lichen, one of the Melanelia sp.

Spots, dots and blotches are all part by these dead wood habitants.  With the astounding variation in the forms and colours of these strange species, you can begin to see why lichen searching is so interesting.
Many lichens possess twin colours as shown here. On the left, the black surface with its fine hairs contrasts with the pale grayish-green underside. The right image shows the same lichen in a friendly relationship with moss.
Two others that find wood quite accommodating are the  Beaded Bone Lichen, Hypogymnia enteromorph, (left) and the Eyebrow Lichen, a Parmotrema sp. (right).

Many other lichens thrive on decaying wood and look like miniature gardens. They often co-exist with other varieties of plants creating unique and precious sites, hidden in the forest.

Small appear tall with huge flowers. However, even with these lichen bright red caps are not easily seen unless you are looking for them.
With the red on gray, these Cladonia species add a splash of colour to these crowded but amazing miniature garden scenes.

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