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Using a Homemade Pocket Reflector
Homemade pocket reflector
Making a handy little light reflector that slips into your pocket is simple and can be very useful for directing light onto shady subjects.
Card and foil
You don't need many materials: a piece of card about 9 inch x 4 inch; a second piece of card (not shown) 1/4 inch smaller in length and width and some aluminum foil that is an inch or two bigger than the first card. Score the centre of the cards with a pair of scissors. This makes folding it easier.
Foil folded on card
Fold foil over
Scrunch up the foil and the open it out again. Fold the foil over the card, folding the corners in slightly as shown here.
Folding the the corners prevents the foil from creating problems along the long side.
Tape down the foil
Add the second card
Tape the foil down and using the score mark, fold the card.
The second card can be glued to cover the foil edges.
Fir Cone Fungi
This photo of Fir Cone Fungi is pleasing enough, but a little extra light would help.
Pocket reflector in position
Position your handy pocket reflector near the subject.
You can see how the light on the cone has improved.
Improved lighting on the cone
The result is a much-improved photograph.
Liverwort with shade on it
This liverwort has some shady spots.
Using a flash this close will probably result in a washed-out photograph.
Improved image
The reflector has helped bring the photo to life.
Dereila Nature Inn Home > Naturalist's Nook > Photo Tips #9 - Using a Homemade Pocket Reflector
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