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Reflecting Light
Reflecting natural light onto a shady area can help enhance some photographs. You could spend a fair amount of money buying a professional light reflector, but we came up with a quick and easy method that will help you reflect some light onto a shady subject that is a bit out of reach.
Start off with an old tripod. You might be able to find a cheap one at a second-hand or goodwill shop. Remove one of the legs and attach a bulldog clip to it.

Next, you'll need a large piece of white card. This works even better if you can sneak some foil from the kitchen when your spouse isn't looking.

Cut a piece that is a few inches bigger than the card. Crumple up the foil and then smooth it out. and wrap it around the card, securing it with tape on the back. You should have something like the photo on the right.
Tripod leg with bulldog clip and card
Adjusting the angle of the reflector.
With this simple device you can extend the tripod leg and adjust the angle of the reflector until you find the best position to direct additional natural light onto the area where it's required.

The result can be very rewarding. Using the reflector also and reduces the need to use a bright flash.
Leaf with shadow
This leaf has an annoying shadow on it.
Leaf with reduced shadow
Here the shadow has been greatly reduced, but not removed,
with the use of our handy light reflector.
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