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The Bug World - The Spiders Around Us - Page 2
Misumenops Celer
Misumenops celer is a crab spider which can blend in exteremly well with the flower it choses as its habitat.
Notice the matching shades of colour in this photograph.
A Celer Crab Spider, Mecaphesa celar, with its amazing long front legs is ready for an ambush!
This interesting looking spider is a Western Lynx Spider, Oxyopes scalaris. They spend their lives on plants, waiting for prey to wander by. This lucky one has captured its lunch.

Lynx Spider __ Lynx Spider
Being very nimble runners and jumpers, Lynxi Spiders also rely on their keen eyesight to hunt their prey which they chase or ambush.
Eris militaris
Jumping spiders stawk their prey and then, as the name suggests, jump onto the unsuspecting victim. There are many spiders which belong in this group.
The one here is a Bronze Jumper, Eris militaris.
Zebra Spider, Salticus scenicus.
There are several interesting black and white Jumping Spiders including this one, a Zebra Spider, Salticus scenicus.
Phidippus borealis __ Phidippus borealis
Other garden jumpers have many fancy designs and colours such as these two Johnson's Jumper Spiders, Phidippus johnsoni.
The male is on the left and the female to the right.
Many of the pollinators that we need are caught spiders using various methods to secure a meal.

Honey bees and bumble bees succumb to these crafty predators.
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