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Simple Wooden Feeder
This is an easy feeder to construct and hopefully make those berry-eating birds happy.
Wooden Berry Feeder
You'll find this project requires little skill and uses just a few materials and is very inexpensive.
Materials needed
Here's all you need:
- one piece of wood 1" square about a foot long (the base)
- a second piece of wood. 1" x 2" about 10 inches long (the upright)
- a plastic plant pot saucer
- some interesting looking twigs perhaps gathered when pruning trees
- an eye hook, some nails and pieces of wire
Fasten the two pieces of wood
Attach the twigs to the upright piece
Nail together the two pieces of wood using two 2-inch nails. The 1" x 1" piece is the base.
Using a few small nails, attach the twigs to the upright piece. Try pointing the twigs in different directions.
Material needed
Attach the sauce to the top by drilling two small holes in it, one in the very centre and one a little to the side. The centre hole is for the eye hook and the second one is for a nail to hold the sauce down and keep it steady. If you use a washer under the hook (as shown here), the second hole and nail may not be needed.
Berries are attahed to twigs
Using twist ties, hang your bunches of berries to the twigs.
Completed feeder is hung up
Attach the feeder to a tree branch or hanger in your feeding station.
Then sit back and wait for those hungry birds to discover it!
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