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The Importance of Water
Birds love water! They love to bathe in it, splash in it and drink it. Many people forget about the attraction water offers. Adding water features, ponds or containers are excellent ways to welcome birds and create wonderful photo opportunities.
American Robin jumps into the water dish.
American Robins really enjoy their water, especially after a day spent digging for worms.
This one seems very happy and isn't leaving room for anyone else.
Red-breasted Nuthatch enjoys a dip.
You don't need to spend a lot of money making some water sources for your visitors. This one is a simple and small ceramic glazed saucer found at a typical garden centre.
These small and shallow dishes are great for little birds like these Bushtits which seem to think that community bathing is just great. You might want to buy a few dishes and place them around your feeding station.

Be sure to try to place them at a height that provides some safety and security from cats.
Northern Flicker trying to squeeze into the dish.
Larger birds like this Northern Flicker also like to squeeze into these small dishes. This adult looks like it's trying to teach junior, below, what to do.
Juvenile Northern Flicker
Winter Wren
These water dishes are enjoyed by so many different species which would not necessarily bother visiting otherwise.

Here, a Winter Wren has just finished a refreshing quick dip.
Even hummingbirds like this Anna's Hummingbird will take advantage of the water and enjoy a good splash about.
Hummingbird in the water.
House Finches check out the water.
Even in winter water is important as you can see from these two House Finches. Be sure to keep the water fresh and unfrozen.
This water dish is nothing but an old frying pan!

This Spotted Towhee seems to be really enjoying himself as it splashes water everywhere.

Be sure to keep your water containers full with fresh, clean water.
Spotted Towhee splashing about.
American Robins visit around the water dish.
These American Robins seem to think this will be a great bath and place to hang out.
Steller's Jay
A Steller's Jay drops by for a sip.
Having some twigs and branches close by gives your visitors something the perch on and hopefully provide some great viewing and photo opportunities.
See lots more pictures of birds enjoying water by clicking here.

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