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Two Halves Suet Cake Holder
Audodon's Warbler at suet feeder
This feeder has two holders - each for one half of a suet cake - and is designed
for those busy times when you have more than one bird wanting a suet snack.
Things you'll need
Wire netting
You will need the following: a piece of 6 inch board, 12 inches long; a short piece of board 1 x 2 inches; 2 inch screws and wire staples.
The suet blocks will be held in some wire netting which you can buy at a good hardware store.
Wire neeting
1 x 2 wood with hole.
Cut a strip of the wire netting 3.5 inches wide and about 20 inches long.
Cut two pieces of the 1 x 2 inch wood. They need to be exactly the same as the length as the width of 6 inch board, which is usually 5 5/8 inch and not 6 inches. Drill two holes in each piece, one 3/4 inch from the end and the second 1 inch from the other end. Countersink these holes if possible.
Small board attached to large one
Screw the two pieces to the board, 6 inches from the top. Make sure that the holes don't line up with each each. Now is a good time to stain or paint the feeder.
Bending netting
Netting after bending
Now it's time to start bending the wire netting. You'll find a bench vice useful for this step. Bend over 2 inches, and then
5 5/8 inch, or whatever the true six of the 6 inch board is.
The third bend is about 4 inches which is the overall width of the 1 x 2 boards and the centre board together. The final bend if the width of the 6 inch board again. Where the two ends meet, you can cut off the excess.
Attaching the netting
Attaching the netting
Slide the netting over the top of the unit, wrapping it around the two side pieces. Staple the netting to the centre of the board, flush with the bottom of the 1 x 2.
Secure the next section to the front, keeping it straight. Continue to the next part and then back to the starting point. Cut off any extra netting and staple the last piece.
Wooden roof
You can make a roof with a variety of materials, such as a 6 inch x 7 inch piece of board which is screwed onto the top of the unit.
Bark roof
The roof of this feeder is made of some bark.
Hanging hooks added
Suet in feeder
To hang the feeder, use a couple of hooks and some cord, about 2 feet long.
Load up the feeder by popping one half of a suet block into each of the two wire holders.
A Chestnut-backed Chickadee visits
Hang it up and pretty soon the birds will come flocking (hopefully).
As you can see, this Chestnut-backed Chickadee is very happy about the new feeder.
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