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Suet and Berry Log Feeder
We designed this interesting feeder to attract birds that eat berries as well as those which enjoy insects or suet.
During the chilly winter months when food is scarce, this feeder will be a welcome find.
Suet and Berry Feeder
The berries are Mountain Ash berries from the garden which were harvested in the fall and kept in the freezer.
Perching branch and upright branch
The construction is simple and very inexpensive. We used two tree branches that we found in the woods after a storm as well as a few twigs. Store-bought machined lumber can be substituted if you'd prefer.

For the protecting roof, we found some bark, but you could also use a cedar single or even an inverted garden pot saucer. You'll also need a few nails and a hook for hanging it up.

On the left the perching branch and upright branch are ready for the project. The upright branch is about 2 inches in diameter and has been sawn to a length of 10 inches. The smaller branch is about 1 inch in diameter and cut to
12 inches long.

The next step is to drill two holes into the upright log. This is where the suet mix will be pushed in. You can vary the size of the holes from 1/2 inch to 1 inch.

Drill one hole about 3 inches from the top and then another on the other side a few inches below the first hole.

The holes should be about 1 inch deep.
Holes drilled into upright branch
Twig attached to upright branch
Twig attached to upright branch
The berry bunches are going to be hung from some small twigs. Twigs with a few branches are best if you can find some. This will give you more places to hang the berries. Nail the twigs onto the upright branch. Nail them on the sides without the holes so they don't impede the birds that will be feeding on the suet.
Notch cut into perching branch
Carefully cut a notch out of the centre of the perching branch. Do this where the upright branch will be fastened. The notch makes it easier to hold in place when attaching the upright branch.
Perching branch is attached to upright log
The perch can be nailed directly into the upright with two 2-inch nails. Position the twigs that you nailed onto the upright so that they are on each side of the perch.
Roof is attached and hook screwed in
Attach the protection roof with a couple of nails. If you are using an inverted garden pot saucer, drill a hole into the centre of it large enough for the hook to screw through. This should be sufficient to hold the saucer in place.

Screw in the hanging hook. Now, you're ready to add the berries.
Berries are hung with twist ties
Suet goes into the holes
Using a few twist-ties hang the bunches of berries on the twigs.
Put some suet mix into the holes. Then hang the feeder and wait for the guests to arrive!
Chickadee discovers the food
It didn't take long for the Chestnut-backed Chickadees to find this new source of food.
Downy Woodpecker at feeder
And a Downy Woodpecker also found the feeder and made itself at home.
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