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Platform Nest Box for Robins
In this project we are going to make a platform nesting box for American Robins.
Pieces cut for the top, bottom and back
Pieces cut for sides and front
Three pieces of 8 inch fencing board are used for the top, bottom and back. The top and back are cut to 9.5 inches and the bottom to 7 inches.
Cut another piece of the fencing board 8.75 inches long and then cut this down the centre and you have the pieces for the sides. For the front, cut another piece of board 2.5 inches long.
Side pieces cut
Back screwed to the bottom
The two side pieces are then cut at an angle. On one side mark a point .5 inches down, draw a line to the other side and cut this piece away. You will have a .5 inch slope for the roof.
Screw the back to the bottom using two 1.5 inch screws, countersunk if possible.
Front attached
The front piece can also be screwed on with 1.5 inch screws.
Fasten the angled sides to the back with 1.5 inch screws.
You can also add screws to the sides from the underside of the base.
Top added
Hanging holes
Screw the top on to the angled side pieces making sure it is flush with the back. Two screws in the back and one on each side should be enough to secure the roof on.
If you are planning on fastening the platform nest box to a pole or tree you will need to drill two small holes into the back for screws.
Final product
With any luck, you should have something that looks like this. You can now stain or paint it and spruce it up a bit by attaching twigs, driftwood or bark.
Platform Nest Box
The fantastic creation is mounted awaiting its first occupants.
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