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Frying Pan Water Dish
Frying pan water dish
If you have an old frying pan that is hiding at the back of the cupboard and unused, it can be quickly transformed into a useful water dish for birds on your feeding station.
Old frying pan
Remove the handle
You can use any size frying pan for this project.
You'll find that birds will love to have a spot to bathe and drink.
You might want to remove the handle.
You'll find that some simply unscrew.
Bracket and washers
Bracket screwed onto pan
A small angled bracket can be used to replace the handle. If the original screw is too long, a couple of washers will take care of that problem.
Secure the bracket onto the pan where the handle was originally attached.
Water dish in a plant pot
You can stand the new water dish on an old tree stump, a wooden railing or even an old plant pot. If necessary, use the angle bracket and screw it down. If you use a plant pot, you might want to first fill the pot with some soil or rocks to weigh it down a bit.
Pan dish on a smaller pot
You can even just place the water dish on a smaller plant pot or something similar.
Pine Siskin
Experiment with different sized pans. This Pine Siskin is very happy bathing in this one.
Young American Robin
Hopefully lots of birds will soon come visiting for a bath or drink.
Red Crossbill
Crossbills use their amazing bills to pry open cones and remove the seeds.
After feeding, they appreciate lots of water and will be glad of your new water dishes.


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