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Double Loading Nesting Material Holder
Bewick's Wren
This project requires a few carpentry skills but the final result is worth the effort: a double-sided holder for nesting material for birds.

Here a Bewick's Wren helps itself to some dog hair that's been stuffed into the holder.
You'll need a 8 x 18 inch piece of 1 inch square wire netting and about 16 inches of 1 x 4 inch wood as well as nails and wire staples.

Cut one piece of the wood at 7 inches. The rest of the wood will be cut later - not just now.
Bent wire netting
Using a clamp to bend
Start by bending the wire, 1 3/4 inches from the end.
Use a vice if you have one.
Another way of bending the wire netting is using a work bench with a clamp and piece of wood as shown here.
Making second fold
Using the clamp and 1 x 4-inch wood board on the wire netting, make the next fold by pulling the netting up tight to the wood. Use a hammer to make a sharp fold.
Bending the wire
Continue this way for the 3rd and 4th bends, pulling the wire netting up and tapping it againist the wood with a hammer.
Making a good bend
Tapping the bend along the length of the netting makes a nice clean corner.
Nailing the top and bottom
Now cut the remaining piece of wood into two pieces that are the same width of the 7-inch long piece of board. Nail a square piece to each end of the 7-inch upright piece.
Wooden unit goes into the wire
Slip the wooden unit inside the folded wire netting, making sure it is positioned the right wa. The first bend that was made should be half way over the upright with room for the opposite end to be also fastened there.
Poisitioning the netting
Position the netting equally over each wooden end piece and fasten the first bend to the top and bottom squares with a staple. The other end of the netting should reach the centre upright where the netting starts. Excess netting can be cut off
Wire netting secured
Secure the netting with some more staples.
If everything has gone correctly you should have something like this!
attaching twigs
Twigs on sides
Using twist ties, you can add twigs to serve as bird perches.
A small twig on each side looks good.
A simple roof
Be creative! A small roof made of a piece of bark can add a bit of character as well as keep the contents dry. An angle bracket can be screwed into the wood for hanging.
Adding the nesting material

Push the nesting material through the netting.
Dog and human hair, laundry lint and small bits of wool can all be used.

Finish product
Attach your amazing creation to a tree branch or a railing on the deck and just sit back and wait for some visitors to come by!
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