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Easy Nesting Material Holder
Nesting Material Holder
You'll need a few carpentry skills for this project which makes a good looking holder for bird nesting material such as hair and fluff.
Chcken wire
Two pieces of 6" x 1" board
You'll need a few simple materials: a piece of chicken wire, about 9 inches x 12 inches and two pieces of 6" x 1" board.
One is 9 inches long and the other is 4.5 inches long.
Corners cut off
Small pieces becomes two half  pieces.
Cut the corners of the smaller piece and then cut it in half.
You should have two pieces like this for the top and bottom.
Nailing the ends
Wire attached
Using 2 inch nails, nail the two halves to each end of the 9 inch board.
The chicken wire is fastened to the angled pieces with small staples.
Attaching wire with small nails
If you don't have small staples, try using small nails to secure the chicken wire.
Drive the nails in a short way and then bend them over the wire as shown here.
Attach teh wire
Continue attaching the wire trying to keep the correct shape.
Bark on the top
Bark on the front
When the wire has been secured, the excess wire can be easily cut off.
If you want to cover the wire, nail a narrow lathe down each side as shown here.
Hole drilled 2 inches down
Showing the two holes
Drill two holes on the back piece, in the centre and 2 inches from the end.
At this point, your lovely creation should be looking something like this. It's just about finished!
Back added as roof
A small pieces of bark or other available material can be added to make a protective and attractive roof. Secure it with small nails, be sure to keep it flush at the back, but it can hang out on the sides and front.
Stuffing the holder
Stuff the holder with nesting material such as dog hair or fluff from the laundry. Make sure you can access the holes hanging holes, or stuff it when it's hung up on a post or tree near to where birds come to feed.
The final product
We added a couple of small twigs for perching. Now we stand back and admire our creation and simply wait until nesting season gets into full swing.
Chestnut-backed Chickadee get some stuff
This Chestnut-backed Chickadee thinks it has found a gold mine!
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