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Nesting Material Project 2
Materials ready to go
For this project, which transforms a store-bought suet cake cage into an attractive container for nesting materials, you'll need a few pieces of bark or driftwood, a suet cake cage with the door removed, a small lath and a piece of cord or wire as well as some simple carpentry skills.
Cage on wood
Marking wood for holes
To get some measurements, place the cage on top of the bark or wood and mark where the sides are.
A hole is going to be drilled here for the hanging cord or wire - the pencil shows the spot. Drill holes on both sides of the cage.
Mark the lath
Drilling the holes
Cut the lath the length of the cage. Hold it in place with the bottom side up, then mark the two places at the opposite ends as shown here by the cross.
Drill holes in the two marked spots for screws to go through. Attaching the cage to the wood is a bit awkward, so you may need to use some washers as well.
Screwing it all together
Place the cage in the wood bottom. Insert the lath and screw it through the cage into the base. The wooden base gives the birds a platform to stand on.
Attching the hanging cord
The hanging cord or wire should go through the second opening in the suet cage. Fasten one end then feed it through the underside of the top piece of wood, then back through the second hole. Fasten this end of the cord to the other side of the cage. This allows the top to the raised for access to the cage.
Completed project
Stuff the cage with hair, laundry lint, lichens, dog hair and other nesting materials.
Your feathered visitors will appreciate this help with their nest building.


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