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Fruit and Suet Wooden Feeder
To make this feeder you'll need some simple carpentry skills.
It's designed to provide food for fruit-loving birds as well as suet eaters.
Fruit and Suet Feeder
On one side of the feeder is a place to hang some fruit and on the other
side there's a suet cake cage filled with yummy suet.

You'll need four pieces of wood, a short 1/4-inch dowel, some nails, an eye hook and a suet cage.
Base and upright pieces
We started off with a piece of 1 x 6 cedar fencing railing. Cut one piece 5 1/2 inches long. This is going to the the base (above left). Cut another piece 7 in long, this is going to be the upright section. Cut a small angle on each side of this piece. This will be for the slope of the roof (above right).
1/4 inch hole in upright piece
pointed dowel in the wood.
Drill a 1/4 inch hole through the upright section for the dowel to which you will attach the fruit. This hole should be about 3 inches from the top and in the centre. If you can make a point on one end of the dowel it would make fastening the fruit such (as an orange) a little easier. Push the dowel through the hole (above right).
Base nailed onto upright piece
Attach the base to the upright using 2 inch nails and flush with the bottom of the upright piece as shown here.
Roof pieces assembled
Small pieces of wooden shingles or shed siding boards will make an interesting looking roof. If these aren't available, you can use two 9-inch pieces of 1 x 4 (or thinner).

Butt the two pieces together and nail them onto the top. These roof sections need to overhang enough to cover the base piece and also enough to cover the suet cage. An inch-wide slat can be nailed on the top to finish off the roof and keep the rain off.
Large eye hook, screwed into the roof and upright piece
Shower curtain hook can be used as a hanger
Screw a large eye hook through the roof and into the upright section. The suet cage usually comes with a chain, and you put that through the hook and use if for hanging. If you don't have a chain, try using a shower curtain hook. This would make it easier to hang the feeder on a tree branch.
Roof is attached and hook screwed in
Attach the suet cage with a couple of 3/4-inch screws and washers as shown here.
Fruit and suet feeder hung up
And here's the final product! A piece of orange is attached to the dowel and the suet cage is loaded and waiting for the visitors!
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