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Berry Feeder Project
This is an easy project which results in a great addition to your bird feeding station.
Berry Feeder
Three sticks, a couple of twist ties, a piece of 1" x 2" wood, a hanging hook and a piece of bark, wood or a garden saucer is all you'll really need beside a few nails and screws to make a great looking winter berry feeding station.
In the centre of the twig that's going to be a perch twig drill a small hole that a screw can go in.

Hold it over the end of the 1 x 2 wood and drill a small hole through the twig and into the wood, bit don't screw them together yet.

Do the same thing at the other end of the wood ready for the roof.

| |
Nail the two other twigs onto the 1 x 2 wood. Try to get the twigs to branch out away from the perch. more of less square to it if you can.

A couple of small nails in each should do the trick if the twigs are no more that 1/2 inch thick.
Nail two twigs on the side
| |
Perching twig is secrured into the 1 x 2 inch wood
Now the perching twig can be screwed on. Use a nail as well to stop any swiveling.
Hanging hook attached
We had a nice piece of bark for the top, but you could use a flat piece of wood or an inverted plastic garden pot saucer. Use a large eye hook for hanging. Screw it through the top and into the hole you made earlier in the 1 x 2 wood.
Twist ties are used to attach the berries
Using twist ties from the grocery store, fasten a few springs of berries to the twigs. These berries were collected in the autumn and kept in the freezer for winter feeding.

Now hang the feeder in a good spot where you can see it and watch for birds.
The final product
Here's the final product in place, ready for those hungry birds!
An American Robin has a berry or two
An American Robin found the feeder and the berries and enjoyed one of its favourite foods.
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