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Special Places in the Natural World
Yoho National Park
Yoho Scenery
Yoho National Park is another one of Canada's collection of scenic gems.
It is the home to an area of rare fossils, thundering waterfalls, charging rivers,
tranquil lakes and cathedral-like peaks.

Emerald Lake, right, is one of the most popular and easily accessible of Yoho's many lovely lakes.

It is easy to find seclusion and absolute wilderness in Yoho National Park.

Emerald Lake


Yoho is located in southeastern British Columbia, west of the continental divde. It is bordered by Banff National Park to the east and Kootenay National Park to the south.

Covering just over 500 m²/1300 km² it's the smallest of the mountain parks but has some of the most wonderful places to explore.

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Enjoy a photographic tour of Yoho National Park by clicking below.
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