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Mount Wilson
With the first signs of winter, this female Varied Thrush welcomes you to our November Newsletter.
Which state changed its official tree in 1976 but changed it back in 1994?

You'll find the answer at the end of this newsletter.


Alright, its a bird, but can you identify it?
You'll find the answer at the end of this newsletter.


As winter arrives and time to feed the birds, we focus the page this month on
all the good things in our restaurant page. Find our great recipes and
easily-made feeders in this section right here.

Marilyn Flanagan of Florida spotted this beautiful Eastern Phoebe.
Susan Asis Kalman of Allegany, New York sent in this fascinating Shelf Fungus on a tree.
Joyce Cahill of Winslow in Arkansas had this bobcat rest on her driveway. Amazing!
This colourful image of a yellow butterfly was also from Joyce.
This lovely image of an Indigo Bunting is from Tracy Capps of Mascoutah, IL.
Tony in Toronto sent us this female Orchard Oriole.
Many thanks to Marilyn, Susan, Joyce, Tracy and Tony for sending in all of these fantastic shots for us all to enjoy. They are wonderful!

If you have a nature image for this section, please let us know!.


We came across a strange tree for this month's wandering image.
It's a Paperbark Maple. Its name seems to really suit it.


What do you think would be a good caption for this photo?

Here are two of ideas:
#1 - "I can get to it if I stretch a bit. "
#2 - "They could of moved it over a little for me. "

If this month's photo inspires you, please send us your caption in an e-mail.


__A moth went into the doctor's office one day.
__“What seems to be the problem?” asked the doctor.
__“Where do I even begin?" replied the moth. "I’m breaking my back day in and day out, working long, long hours fluttering around pollinating the flowers. Then I get home and my wife doesn't appreciate me and my kids are brats. Everything’s terrible! I really am at my wit’s end!"
__“Well,” said the doctor, “clearly, you’re very troubled. But this is a medical clinic—why did you come here?”
__The moth replied, “The light was on.”

"I had a sit for a while anyway."


Monthly Selections
Here are this month's choices:
Bird - Starling | Wildflower - Large-leaved Lupine | Bug - Snout Beetle

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A Little Reminder

Time to take a few berries out of the freezer and hang them up for the birds.
Here we have a Hermit Thrush having a snack.
You can see how to make this cool berry feeder by clicking here.

Tips and Ideas

One or two pieces of suet from the butchers is a great addition to your birds' pantry.
Slip them into a suet cage, many birds will enjoy this treat through the winter months.

A nuthatch calls in for a little snack.

You can find out how to make this feeder here.

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Did you know that the dandelion got its name because of its leaves?

It was given the name because of the plant's jagged leaf shape.
It was called dent de lion (tooth of the lion) which became Dandelion.


Colorado designated the Claret Cup Cactus, Echinocereus triglochidiatus,
as its official state cactus on March 7, 2014


Kentucky’s state tree, the Tulip Poplar, Liriodendron tulipifera, was changed in 1976 to the
Kentucky Coffee Tree, Gymnocladus dioica. After many complaints, the tree was switched
back to the Tulip Poplar and the Kentucky Coffee Tree was given the title of “State Heritage Tree.”


An easy one this month: it's a handsome male Rufous Hummingbird.

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