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Protecting the Feeders and the Birds
It may seem a little extravagant, but in the cold wet and snowy days of winter your bird visitors will most probably love an extra bit of protection from the elements.

Here's a simple project to create a protective cover for a hummingbird feeder, although you could use any feeder at all.
1. Start off by choosing a plastic planter dish big enough to completely cover the feeder and the area around it.
2. Drill a hole in the centre and holding it upside down, attach it with a large hook which will keep the cover in place. Hang your feeder from the hook keeping the hanging wire short for maximum protection.
In some areas hummingbirds have to struggle through some snowy days. This cover helps protect the holes in hummingbird feeders from being covered with snow and to some extent, the birds themselves.
Dereila Nature Inn Home > Bird's Nest Lounge > Tales from the Deck
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