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The Shifting Sands - Page 2
Cancer Root
Cancer Root, Orabanche Grayana, is a parasitic plant that includes Gumweed in its list of host plants. It is an annual and is very attractive when seen in full bloom before the flower heads die off.
Pickleweed, Salicornia virginica, is a perennial plant with a jointed stem and insignificant flowers. It is found in salt marshes through out the world and occurs under natural conditions in wetlands. It is native to North America.
One of the other weedy type of plants that one would find in these conditions is Redroot Pigweed, Amaranthus retroflexus. It can be found in large areas when established.
Large-headed Sedge __
This sedge growing in the sand is Large-headed Sedge, Carex macrocephala.

It does extremely well in these sandy, gravelly conditions. The male and female flowers grow on separate plants.
Purple Peavine, Lathyrus nevadensis, is another of those vine clinging species with tendrils to rap around other vegetation close bye. The purplish flowers making this a very attractive plant
__ Purple Peavine
Nodding Onion
Nodding Onion, Allium cernuum, It is a native to North America and its clusters of nodding flowers distinguishes this plant from Hooker's Onion, Allium acuminatum.
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