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Living Waters - Page 2
As the tides recede there is an opportunity to see more of the plant diversity of the living waters.
Coralline Algae
One of the colourful seaweeds that occasionally is found on the shore is the Coralline Algae, Corallina sp. It's a reddish algae with an impressive, delicate design if one takes a little time to look at it closely.
Pacific Rockweed   Rockweed
Seaweeds come in a huge variety of colours and shapes.
Purple Shore Crab
The Purple Shore Crab is one of a huge variety of organisms that find abundance in and by the water,
Semipalmated Plover   Seagull with shell
With all these elements along the shores it is a wonderful place for the birds to congregate and search for food.

Seagulls dive into shallow waters and bring ashore enormous shells which they drop onto the rocky shore to open them.

Some often drop the shells from aloft for greater impact.

Great Blue Heron
They say you have to have a lot of patience if you go fishing, well, the magnificent Great Blue Heron has plenty of that.

  These striking birds stand on a rock or in a few inches of water and wait calmly for something tasty such as a fish to pass by within reach.
Red-breasted Mergansers  
Lesser Scaups
Birds are everywhere taking advantage of the living waters.

They swim the waters and walk the shores. Red-breasted Mergansers, above left, Lesser Scaups, above right, and the Double-crested Comorant, right, are but a few.

Watching them go about their business is always pleasurable.
Double-crested Cormorant
Black Oystercatchers
With their brilliant reddish-orange bills, Black Oystercatchers patrol the water's edge at low tide, seeking out any small crustaceans.
Badl Eagle
And keeping a watchful eye over it all high in the trees on the shore are the birds of prey such as the spectacular Bald Eagle.

Sometimes a scavenger, it is also is quite capable of picking off one of the birds that may have dropped its guard.

It's all part of life in and around the living waters.

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