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A Stroll Along the Beach - Page 2
With so much life in the tidal pools and on the shore, birds abound searching for tasty snacks and morsels.

The Black Oystercatcher, Haematopus bachmani, is one of the most easily identified shore birds. Constantly patrolling the shore and shallow waters with their bright orange beaks they are a threat to not only oysters, but also to small crustaceans exposed by the shrinking tide.
Black Oystercatchers   Black oystercatcher
Black Oystercatchers stand at about 17 in/43 cm and feed noisily alone or in small flocks.
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The search for food continues. On an encrusted rock, a patient Great Blue Heron, Ardea herodias, watches carefully for anything tasty that might venture close.
These most majestic birds are a treat to spot and watch. Measuring 42-52 in (105-130 cm) tall, they calmly stand and wait, suddenly striking at passing fish, small mammals, aquatic invertebrates and amphibians. Thanks to a keen eye and great timing they're often successful.

Great Blue Herons nest in colonies on high trees often building elaborate stick and twig platforms.
Gulls are common hunters on these rocky shores and shallow waters.
Diving into the waters, they catch their prey and quickly gulp it down before any other gull gets a chance to snatch it away!
Often they will pick up a clam or other shell fish and fly high then drop it in on rocks or other hard surfaces in an attempt to smash it open. If unsuccessful they repeat the process until they can get to the food hidden inside. For those creatures inhabiting the shore and shallow waters and with these scavengers around, life definitely is not a bed of roses!