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Bird Life Down at the Lagoon
Diving Ducks Diving Ducks
This group of ducks prefers to dive for food. Read about them in this feature.
_ Dabbling Ducks Dabbling Ducks
Some ducks, like the one on the left, dabble for food. Find out more about them in this article.
Visit Eight Birds at the Lagoon Eight Birds
Learn to identify eight birds you might come across as you stroll by the lagoon and try a quiz. and a crossword, too!
  ID Eight Birds Eight More Birds to Identify
Here is another collection of waterbirds for you to learn to identify.
Tales from the Lagoon
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Beach Art
One day, down at the lagoon, an amazing thing was discovered: incredible sculptures made of twigs, bark, driftwood and shells.

  The Heron and its Lunch The Heron and its Lunch
Ahh... nothing like a tasty lunch to get you through the day. In this tale Great Blue Heron finds a tasty morsel entangled with unwanted salad.
The Detective's Secret Journal The Detective's Secret Journal
It seems an intrepid investigator has been checking out this with his spy-glasses at the lagoon and we've discovered (and deciphered) his secret notes and journal!
  The Adventures of the Hoodies The Adventures of the Hoodies
It was a lovely, lazy day and the Hooded Mergansers were enjoying the peace and quiet.
However, romance was also in the air!
Crosswords and Photo Galleries
Water-loving Birds Crossword Water-loving Birds Crossword
There are over twenty birds to identify in the crossword.
  Water Birds Photo Gallery Water-loving Birds Photo Gallery
Enjoy an assortment of images featuring birds found by the lagoon.
Dereila Nature Inn Home > Lagoon Trail > Bird Life Down at the Lagoon

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