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In the Shadow of Peaks - Alpine Wildflowers
In The Shadow of Peaks
The beauty of flowers in nature, extends from the coastal shores, across the plains and forests, and eventually to the higher elevations where
we find those born In the Shadow of Peaks.
Alpine meadow
The alpine meadows provide many beautiful sights. The flowers, with their season so
very short, put on a magnificent show with so many unique and very hardy plants.
Olympic Onion
This is one of those strange looking plants, the Olympic Onion, Allium crenulatum. In the height of summer the leaves quickly shrivel and the dark pink colour of the flowers fades.
Globeflower   Globeflower
In contrast to the Olympic Onion, the Globeflower, Trollius Laxus, appears as the snows retreat. They enjoy the conditions created by the melting snow in seapage areas and bogs.
Mountain Marsh-Marigold   Mountain Marsh-Marigold
Mountain Marsh-Marigold, Caltha Leptosepala, is another early riser, up when the first water from the melting snow appears.

Usually white, but sometimes tinged bluish it has a single flower to each leafless stem which reaches 4 inches to 8 inches in height.
Deer Cabbage
One more early bloomer, high in the mountains, is this neat looking flower with the strange name, Deer Cabbage, it is a very attractive flower with the crinkled edges of the petals.
Old Man's Whiskers   American Bistort
There are many beautiful and sometimes strange flowers in the higher elevations. One of these, more readily recognized when the flowers are finished is Old Man's Whiskers (left).
American Bistort (right) is another plant that has a different look.
Evergreen Violet
Evergreen Violet
With the Evergreen Violet, Viola Sempervirens, among the violets that help to beautify so many of the places that we are fortunate enough to visit.
Tall Mountain Shooting Star
Tall Mountain Shooting Star
There are numerous plants with the common name of shooting star. In the higher elevations we have the Tall Mountain Shooting Star, Dodecatheon jeffrey.

The leaves are lush and large, quite different from the Broad-leaved Shooting Star from the lower areas.
Dereila Nature Inn Home > Wildflower Garden > Articles and Features > In the Shadow of Peaks - Alpine Wildflowers

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