Welcome to October's issue of the Dereila Nature Inn newsletter.

An inviting path in the autumn forest greets you this month.
It's another month and time for another edition of Whispers, the newsletter of the Dereila Nature Inn - your virtual nature centre. 
The seasons are changing and there are so many lovely autumn colours to admire and enjoy. Many birds are moving and migrating to their winter homes; nature seems to be very busy with preparations for winter.

We'd like to thank you for subscribing and supporting our project.  We hope you enjoy this issue. 

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Trivia Time
Before mutiny hit the HMS Bounty, what was Lieutenant Bligh's mission?
You'll find the answer at the end of the newsletter.
What's This?  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Do you know what this cropped close-up photograph is?

For more of this type of mystery solving,
be sure to visit our pages of Close-ups in Nature.
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Close-ups in Nature 18
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Contributed by...
Once again, we're thrilled with the wonderful images
that have been submitted for us all to enjoy.
This adorable doe and her fawn in the woods comes from
Jim Noeninger, Shiloh, Illinois.

Rosemary O'Connell of Ottawa, Ontario, spotted
this American Robin eating berries in her garden.


These stunning colours of autumn were captured
by Tony in Toronto, Ontario.


It was early fall in Canada's capital when Albertina Pianarosa
of Ottawa, Ontario, snapped these changing maple leaves.


Frequent contributor Joyce Nolan of Lancaster, Ohio spotted
this Green Heron having a little scratch.


This handsome Lark Bunting comes to us from 
Tom France, Fort Collins, Colorado.
We send our thanks and appreciation to Tom, Joyce, Albertina, Tony,
Rosemary and Jim for sending in these  wonderful photographs for us to all enjoy.

If you would like to see your nature images in our members' section,
simply send us an e-mail. We'd love to hear from you.  

Monthly Selections 
Here are this month's choices: 
Bug - Celery Leaftier Moth; Wildflower - Alpine Marsh Marigold; Bird - Bar-headed Goose

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 A Stroll Along the Beach is an exploration of tidal pools
an rocks along the edge of the sea.

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 The Wandering Image
In this month's wanderings we spotted this little fellow.

A juvenile American Robin easily blends in with the changing autumn leaves. 
Caption This! 
What do you think would be a great caption for this photo?
As usual, we've given you a couple of ideas.

Number one: "I wish there was an easier way."
Number two: "Look out below! Lunch is coming down!" 

If this month's photo inspires you, please send us an e-mail.
We'd love to hear from you and add your caption to our collection.

We loved the caption that Laura Simmons sent in for last month's photo.

 "Could you speak a little louder, please?"

You can visit the rest of the collections at the Inn:
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Snippets in Nature


In the lush rainforest of the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui, a forested cinder cone called the Iao Needle rises magically 1,200 ft/365 m above the valley floor in Iao Valley State Park west of Wailuku.

If you think you have a suitable nature photograph for this section please send us an e-mail along with a brief explanation.  We look forward to your submissions.
Behind the Name 

Prince's-Pine is an evergreen shrub with the scientific name
Chimaphila umbellata. The genus name Chimaphila comes from two
Greek words: cheima which means winter and philos, which means loving.
Joke of the Month ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
       Two coyotes once got married. The groom asked his bride if he could have a drawer of his own that she would never open. The bride reluctantly agreed.
      After ten years of marriage the wife noticed the drawer had been left ajar and she couldn't resist sneaking a peek. Inside she saw three golf balls and $100.
      As she was curious, she asked her husband for an explanation.
      "Well," he said, "every time I was unfaithful to you, I put a golf ball in the drawer."  
      Thinking that three times in ten years wasn't that bad, she asked, "But what about the $100?"
      "Whenever I  got a dozen balls I sold them!"


"I was just happily saving up for a rainy day."
Notes, News and Tips from Around the Inn
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Bird Nestbox Week
Our first Bird Nestbox Week was in April 2013 and we are already thinking of the next celebration in April 2014.  We invite you the send in any images of birds using or that used your nestboxes.  You can find all the details here.

A Little Reminder
 Be sure to visit the butcher's section of your grocery store and
see if you can get a few pieces of suet.  They are often given
away and the birds just love to peck at them.  The suet can
easily fit into a suet cake feeder.
Tips from the Inn
This little jumping insect was spotted going under the petals
of a flower making it really hard to get a decent photo.

To get the picture we had to carefully bend the flower over.
It's not an easy process, but with a bit of patience things paid off.

Picture of the Week
Picture of the Week 

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Celebrating Nature


Here are some of the celebrations of nature that are coming up.

National Wildlife Refuge Week is celebrated from October 13-19 in
the United States. There are hundreds of important wildlife refuges and

all play valuable roles in the lives of wildlife.

Did You Know... 

 Did you know that the spectacular Wood Duck, Aix sponsa, nests in down-lined cavities in trees close to water?  The young have to jump down to the ground or water.

Emblems and Symbols of the World 

The official fruit of Saskatchewan is the Saskatoon Berry,
Amelanchier alnifolia, after which the city of Saskatoon is named.

Trivia Answer


Captain Bligh was on a voyage to pick up Breadfruit plants, Artocarpus altilis,
in Tahiti. He collected 1,015 and set sail for the West Indies.

What's This? 


This month's mystery photo is a discarded crab shell.
Nature Notes

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