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Welcome to the first issue of Whispers - the Dereila Nature Inn newsletter.
The purpose of Whispers to to keep you informed about the latest happenings at the Inn. We thought the name well represented the things we love so much in natural world around us: the sounds and changes in nature carried by the wind; the subtle passing of the seasons; the calming serenity of a wildflower garden and the gentle quietness of the forest.  Next time you're in a special place in nature, listen to the whispers.
We're delighted that you have subscribed and hope that you're enjoying frequent visits to our cyber-inn.  We really appreciate your support and ideas.
Successful Launch ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
We are so pleased with the response to the new Dereila Nature Inn website.  It has been a great experience putting it all together.  Many thanks to everyone for your support of this project. 
We started thinking of the project during the Christmas break and got started with the developing of the pages and content during early January.  It took several weeks to get everything organized so that we could "release" it to the world and feel that there was something that was somewhat complete - at least there were no empty pages.  We realise that the site will never be finished, but will constantly evolve and grow.
It has been quite a journey - organising the pages, registering the domain name, figuring out how the google ads work, adding the amazon ads, dealing with funny formatting problems - the list goes on and on. Finally, with getting this newsletter up and running we feel a real sense of accomplishment.
Get Involved ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
We invite you to get involved at the Inn. 
Please send along any tasty, yummy recipes that you think birds would like.  They would become part of the All Things Natural Resturant
We'd also invite you to check out our images on our two Caption This! pages.  If you can think of any humourous captions to go with any of the images, please let us know.  The two pages so far are: Caption This - The Birds and Caption This - The Mammals
Please spread the word about our project by passing on our wesbite information to friends and other nature lovers.  You can also forward this newsletter by clicking on the "forward email" link at the  bottom of this newsletter.

Any other ideas and suggestions are always welcome.  Send us an e-mail!
New at the Inn 
 Natural World
Have you visited our new section - The Natural World?  So far we have pages on five national parks.  Each page gives a brief overview of these special places and a visual tour of the scenery in a short, automatic slide show.

Visit the page by clicking on the image above or here.
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 Book Shop
Shop with us at our Amazon bookstore! We have gathered lots of our favourite field guides and other nature books. Click to visit it. We appreciate your support.
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Until next time, best wishes from the Dereila Nature Inn.
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