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Mount Wilson
Fall is very close and many new experiences can be found with a walk in the woods.
One of these wonders is Allotropa virgata, the Candy Cane plant.

What is Nimbus and what does it mean?

You'll find the answer at the end of this newsletter.


You'll find the answer at the end of this newsletter.


For our monthly page we have chosen the official insect page as it is now complete.
The completed page can be viewed by clicking here.

Jim Noeninger of Shiloh in Illinois, submitted this image of two bison taken in Lone Elk Park near St. Louis, Missouri. Jim also sent in this elk swimming with the geese in the park.
This picture of an Anhinga drying its wings, was sent to us by one of our regulars, Marilyn Flanagan of Florida.
We have another submission from Holly D. Johns of Kennesaw in Georgia taken on her trip to Swaziland and South Africa.
This osprey and nest was taken along the Grand River in Ontario by Herman Veenendaal of St Mary’s, Ontario.
This moss-covered tree stump becomes a nursing log for a fern. It was sent by Albertina Pianarosa of Ottawa, Ontario.
Many thanks to Jim, Marilyn, Holly, Herman and Albertina for the wonderful nature photographs.

If you have a nature image for this section, please let us know!.


While wandering down by the sea, these Cormorants were spotted sunning themselves.


What do you think would be a good caption for this photo of a Great Blue Heron?

Here are two of ideas:
#1 - "Hey, where are you? Come out of there!"
#2 - "You can't escape! I can still reach you down there!"

If this month's photo inspires you, please send us your caption in an e-mail.

Tony D. of Toronto sent in a good caption for last month's image of a chickadee.

"Hey guys! Look over here . . . I caught him! I caught him!"
Thank you Tony for joining in the fun.


The snippet this month comes from Judy Howle of Columbus, Mississippi.
These egrets were spotted in Inoue National Wildlife Refuge
in Mississippi, a favourite location of bird photography.


Many plants are parasitic living on host plants. Indian pipe, Monotropa uniflor, is an example of a parasitic plant.
Parasite is from the Greek words para, meaning beside and sitos meaning, grain or food, which literally means "beside the food."


___After being laid off from five different jobs in four months, Randy Raccoon was hired at a warehouse.
Things went really well for a while, but one sad day poor Randy lost control of his forklift and drove it off the loading dock.
___Surveying the damage, the owner shook his head and said he'd have to withhold 10 percent of Randy's wages to pay for the repairs.
___"How much will it cost?" he asked.
___"About $4,500," said the owner.
___"That's great!" said Randy. "I've finally got job security."

"Everybody wants a bit of security."


Monthly Selections
Here are this month's choices:
Bird - Northern Shoveler | Wildflower - Plantainleaf Buttercup | Bug - Goldenrod Spider

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Page Completed
Our page of state reptiles is finally complete! You can see these fascinating snakes, turtles, lizards and other creatures by clicking here.

A Little Reminder

This is just a little reminder for when you are cleaning up the garden and getting it ready for winter.
Be sure to leave some of the flower seed heads for the birds to enjoy during the coming months.

Tips and Ideas

When the birds start eating the berries in the trees, its time to harvest a few for the freezer.
Store them in the freezer for later serving to them when food is scarce.

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National Wildlife Day is celebrated on September 4th 
Click here for more information.
World Animal Day happens around the planet on October 4. This is a day to recognize the important role that animals play in our lives and how much our lives are enriched by animals. Click here for details.


Did you know that the state of Louisiana is nicknamed the Pelican State?
The Brown Pelican is the state's official bird and a family of White Pelicans is featured on the state flag.


The beautiful state of Colorado's official tree is the Blue Spruce, Picea pungens.
See all the state and provincial trees by clicking here.


Nimbus is a Latin word meaning rain cloud or storm.


The mysterious close-up image is Scouring Rush, Equisetum hyemale.

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