March Newsletter 

Hoary Mammot

A lazy Hoary Marmot welcomes you this month.
Welcome to Whispers - the newsletter of the Dereila Nature Inn.
With the coming of Spring we are anticipating great opportunities to get out with the camera and enjoy new experiences in nature and we hope you are, too.  The birds will be returning and the flowers and trees will be awakening from their winter rests.  This is an exciting time of the year for all of us nature lovers! 

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Trivia Time
Each month we'll start things off with a little bit of nature trivia for you.

Which animals have the ability to walk down a razor blade without cutting themselves? 

You'll find the answer at the end of the newsletter.
Tips From the Inn - #3 - Using Simple Photo Props ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It is very rare to find a flicker on a seed table. Fortunately this one arrived at an opportune time to show you this month's little tip: Using natural props to get great photos.

Flicker on a Feeding Table

This photo shows a flicker on the feeding table with a secured log photo prop just behind it. The log also acts as a landing spot for birds. Now, if you're very lucky the bird will co-operate and hop onto the log giving you a very natural looking image.

Flicker on Log

This photo shows you the result. Try experimenting using twigs and bits of greenery to create a feeding station with a real look of nature.

For more bird feeding and attracting tips, visit the Inn's All Things Natural Restaurant.

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New Features at the Inn
We hope you'll enjoy the new features at the Inn:
Three New Photo Galleries
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 Moss and Lichens Photo Gallery   Spider Phoro Gallery   Beetles Photo Gallery

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New Pages at the Inn
There are two new features this month - both visual tours.  One features some of the beautiful wildflowers found in the deserts of the SW United States in the Spring. 

If you'd like to see an Elfin's Saddle, Varnished Conk, Rosy Russula, or a Man on Horseback - you'll want to visit our second new feature - What's that Fungus? It'll take you exploring some of the amazing variety in colours, structures and names of Fungi. 

Click on the images below to visit these new pages.

Desert Flowers Collection  What's The Fungus?

Contributed by...
As a community of nature enthusiasts exchanging ideas, stories, tips and images, we invite you to submit nature images to this part of our monthly newsletter.  

Least Bittern

This month's image was sent in by frequent contributor Steve Slayton. This great shot of a Least Bittern and fortunately for us here at the Inn it's a bird that our photographers have not had the pleasure to photograph. Thank you once again Steve! 
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Bird of the Month  Bug of the Month  Wildflower of the Month
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Coming Up...
We've got a few things on the go for the next few weeks at the Inn.  Watch for a photo gallery featuring the amazing flowers of Hawaii and a feature on poisonous plants.

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The Wandering Image
We stay in Hawaii for this month's Wandering Image where find also another strange tree, the Cannon-ball tree, Couroupita guianensis. It's a definite eye catcher with its fruit the size and shape of canon balls

Cannon-ball Tree

The flower also is quite unique and is very attractive. The fruits grow from long stalks surrounding the trunk of this large tree. It only grows in the tropics and is native to Northeastern South America.

Cannon-ball Tree Flowers

Snippets in Nature ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This month takes us to Kentucky.

Cumberland Falls

This is Cumberland Falls located in the Cumberland Falls State Park Nature Preserve in McCreary and Whitley counties, Kentucky. This preserve protects several species of rare plants and animals with the Cumberland River,a designated Kentucky Wild River, flowing through. These are the only waterfall in the United States to get a 'moonbow' with it.

Thanks to Alan Mullen of Wisconsin for this photograph for the March's Snippet in Nature!

Trivia Answer 
Snails produce a colourless, sticky discharge that forms a protective carpet under them as they travel along. The discharge is so effective that snails can crawl along the edge of a razor without cutting themselves.


Joke of the Month ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Why did the chicken cross the road?

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