Moose in the mountains

Now that the official start of summer is just about upon us, we welcome you with this lazy-day image of a moose browsing in the rocky mountains to Whispers.
Hello everybody and welcome to June's issue of  Whispers, the newsletter of the Dereila Nature Inn - your cyber nature centre.

This newsletter is designed to keep you informed and connected to some of the latest additions of the Inn as well as featuring some monthly sections we hope you'll find interesting. 
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Have a wonderful June!
Trivia Time
Each month we'll start things off with a little bit of nature trivia for you.

What is the largest group of insects?

You'll find the answer at the end of the newsletter.

Tips From the Inn - #6 - Photographing a Seagull ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Our little tip for this month is for those photographers who manage to get to the coast and encounter seagulls. Noticing how the gulls carried some huge clam shells and dropped them onto the beach rocks to open them, gave us the idea how we could possibly get some pictures.

Seagull on the shore    

Strolling along the beach we discovered one of these great clams that was probably dropped and left. We tapped it on a rock, not to open it but to attract the gull's attention. Placing the shell in the gull's view, we backed away and waited. The gull quickly decided to get the shell.

Seagull with clam  

Then it was just a case of taking a few photos as the gull walked away with his prize.

We welcome your nature tips and ideas! Just send us an e-mail.
New Features at the Inn
It's been a busy month at the Inn and here are our new features.  Just click on the images to go directly to the page.
Dragonflies and Damselflies Photo Gallery 
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We've added a few photo galleries this month, the first features some of everyone's favourite insects: Dragonflies and Damselflies.

Fungi Photo Gallery
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Our second new photo gallery includes some of the amazing shapes and colours of fungi.

Bird Adaptations: Feet
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See how birds have feet that are especially adapted to suit their ways of life.

Caption This! The Bugs
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If it could speak, what on earth would this dragonfly be saying? Visit our new page with images of bugs doing their thing and suggest a funny caption or two.

Contributed by...
As a community of nature enthusiasts exchanging ideas, stories, tips and images, we invite you to submit nature images to this part of our monthly newsletter. 
This month we have another two wonderful underwater images from Dr R. Walker from Victoria.

Leather sea star, Dermasterias inbricata  Rose anemone, Entacmaea quadricolor

Thanks once again for the submissions, Dr. Walker!

And more great images from Steve Slayton, who is becoming a regular contributor. 

Vermillion Flycatcher - male  Vermillion Flycatcher - female

There is the male Vermillion Flycatcher shown here on the left with the female on the right side. Our thanks to Steve once again.
If you'd like to see your image as part of our members' section, simply send us an e-mail.
Monthly Selections 
Each month we select a bird, bug and wildflower of the month. Here are this month's choices:

Insect of the Month  Flower of the Month  Bird of the Month
Click on the images to visit the page and don't forget that we welcome your suggestions for future selections, even if you don't have an image to supply for us. Please send your ideas to us by e-mail.

And a reminder that the year's archives for each are just a click away:

Wildflower Archives | Bug Archives | Bird Archives

Notes from Around the Inn
Travels to Special Places

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Many of us are entering a season of vacations and sunshine, perhaps making plans for holidays to special places. You can also take some virtual trips to some of our favourite natural places in North America. Click on the image to go to our index page of national parks featuring slides shows of such places as Banff, Jasper, Yellowstone and Arches National Parks, to name but a few.
Water Birds Quiz
Test your skills identifying some water-loving birds. We have two collections of images and clues to help you get some of the different species sorted out. Get started by clicking here

Beautiful Butterflies
Most people love butterflies and there are several pages at the Inn in which they're featured. Hover over the image for a description and then click on the image to visit the page.

Click to learn about the Anise Swallowtail Butterfly  Click to do some Flash crosswords featuring butterflies and moths   Click here to enjoy a photo gallery featuring Butterflies and Moths  Click to learn about Butterflies and Moths in our Virtual Guide to Bugs
Wildflowers Galore
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Come on down to the Inn's Wildflower Garden where you'll find several photographic features full of diversity of colour.
Coming Up...
We're always working on new ideas and features.  Currently our works in progress include the following:  more photo galleries; a feature on cacti; a page on birds and their young and an article on shrubs.

If there is something in particular that you'd like to see featured - please just let us know by e-mail

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The Wandering Image


The Arbutus Tree, Arbutus menziesii, is member a family of plants that inhabit temperate regions of Europe, the Mediterranean and North America.  It is Canada's only broad-leaved evergreen tree.  A striking feature is that the red or brownish bark peels off each year as the tree grows - leaving the trunk smooth to touch.  

In some parts of North America, other species are called Madrones while in Europe they are referred to as Strawberry Trees. 
Snippets in Nature ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
June is a wonderful time of the year to visit Waterton National Park in the southwestern corner of Alberta.   

Lupine in Waterton National Park

Waterton is famous not only for its natural beauty but also its amazing diversity of wildfowers. In fact, there are hundreds of species here including many which are rare or threatened. 

Waterton Lakes

You can also learn more about Waterton National Park and take a virtual photographic tour by visiting the Inn's page - just click here.

Caption This! 
Each month we would like to invite you to submit a funny caption to go with one of the images in our "Caption This!" collection.

Here's this month's image.  What do you imagine this Red Squirrel is saying?

Red Squirrel

If you have a suggestion that will make us chuckle, please, send us an e-mail!  We'd love to hear from you and add your caption to our collection.

You can visit the rest of the collections at the Inn: The Mammals | The Birds


Nature Notes
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Click to learn more about birds in the Birds Nest Lounge.
Stories Behind the Pictures 
Sometimes, there's a story that goes with the photograph.
The story behind these two images is quite simple.  On the left, a robberfly is in big trouble in a bird bath.  After taking the picture, we thought we could perhaps help it out a bit - so it was to the rescue.  This led to the second image - a much more relieved robberfly.  You can still spot a few droplets on him.  We didn't get any rescue awards - just some nice photos!
Joke of the Month ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dan had been studying whales for over 20 years and had made some thrilling breakthroughs regarding their communication. He had managed to decode many of their underwater sounds and to translate them into English. His latest research had proved that they can communicate over a distance of 300 miles.

When asked what could they possibly have to say at such distances he replied, "As best as we can figure, it is something like  - Hey, can you hear me now?"

Trivia Answer 
The answer to this month's trivia question is: beetles. There are over 330,000 species! This is one of them, Carabus Nemoralis

Carabus Nemoralis

And by the way, all of our pictures are of live insects, except of course if they are the prey of others. They are also photographed in the wild. We do not capture or chill or pose our subjects.


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